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2oz EVR Pet Drops Premium Organic Hemp Oil Natural Flavor 240mg CBD


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Keep your animal’s body in balance by supporting their endocannabinoid system*.  Our scientists extract a naturally full spectrum CBD oil from organic non-GMO hemp, then refine that oil to remove all of the THC because research has shown that animals have a heightened sensitivity to THC. All of the wellness, none of the THC to keep your animal safe – and each product has a QR code linking to the independent lab report for added peace of mind.

Supplement Facts:

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– Organic MCT – Hemp Extracts

Usage Directions

With our standardized formulation and graduated dropper pipet, dosing is easy. With the cap fully tightened, squeeze and release the rubber top to draw the formula in. Remove the cap and squeeze the rubber top with the pipet still in the bottle to release excess product and achieve the recommended dose, then add to your pet's food or treat. Repeat 1-2 times per day or as directed by your veterinarian. Recommended ratio: .25 mL (1mg CBD) per 10 lbs of animal weight. (Example serving: a 30 lb. dog would need .75mL per serving.) If desired you may give a second serving after one hour.

Test Results

We have an independent lab thoroughly test every batch of organic and non-GMO hemp we extract our CBD from. Hemp biomass must meet our strict cannabinoid profile tolerance and be free from pesticides, microbials and heavy metals before it can become EVR CBD. Every EVR CBD product bears a QR code that links to that product’s lab test results to give you peace of mind.


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