EVR Premium Brands™ Genetic Enzyme Marking

Pharmacogenomic Testing (Genetic Enzyme Marking Technology): This is a cheek swab test kit (sometimes known as a gene SNP kit) for health care practitioners that reads the genetic disposition of the person for metabolic data that will allow for the indication of how the person will metabolize various cannabinoids, particularly how various cannabinoids react with other compounds being taken by the person. Interactions between certain compounds and cannabinoids can be problematic. Monitoring the rise or fall of enzyme levels can aid in the assessment of a variety of conditions. Algorithms are being completed now and the product is expected to launch in summer 2018.

EVR Genetic Enzyme Marking Technology
EVR Genetic Enzyme Marking Technology

EVR Premium Brands™
Exclusive Licensing of BrainBot™
EEG HeadBand*

There are Doctors who understand the value of Cannabis but have been deterred by the lack of research and scientific data on Marijuana and its particular uses. With BrainBot™, PotBotics developed a wireless EEG (electroencephalography) headband that allows practitioners to capture brain waves and analyze an individual’s neural response to cannabinoid stimulants so the right cannabinoids and levels can be determined for use. The NeuroEEG™ is a multi-channel, miniature, wireless platform technology capable of recording electroencephalograms (EEG) in a fast, portable, and easy to use manner. The NeuroEEG™ is designed for use in mobile, field and office environments. Using Bluetooth wireless connectivity, the NeuroEEG™ transfers the physiological data for EEG to a host computer. EasyCap™ is the headband which is a fully disposable, 16 channel electrode headset used in conjunction with the NeuroEEG™ for functional brain monitoring. EasyCap™ is designed for Cannabis health practitioners to perform an EEG quickly and easily. *Pending FDA approval.

EVR BrainBot EEG Head Band